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Carpet Installation at BEZ FLOORING

Carpet Installation Services

One of the most cost effective and good options for your flooring décor are carpets. It is also the most straight forward decision when you think about any flooring. There are a variety of carpets available in the market depending on their durability, density and fiber type. A well-known brand obviously has a better longevity and finishing but it also increases your price per square foot. Before installing a carpet, you should know a few things about the space. Consider the amount of traffic the carpet area will get. If you have pets, you should rather consider whether or not to carpet your floor at all. At BEZ Flooring we will help you decide what would be best for you. There would be different approaches depending on the carpet installation location. There would be difference in choices if it’s an office space, residential or retail store. But, we would always like you to be 100% satisfied with your carpet installation. We will always find for you all major brands, quality, types and variety of colors and designs available across a wide range of budget.

The Varieties of Carpets

Carpet types are generally classified into Loop/berber, pattern, texture and twist which is also known as a frieze/shag. We would suggest loop carpets for walkways and high traffic places as their weave type is must resistant, which matters when you want longevity. For bedrooms, residential spaces or even drawing rooms you can choose twist carpets. And, then there are the cut-loop carpets which are textured and can be used in any place. You could also go for patterned carpets which are available in a wide range of designs, colors, texture and thickness. All the above is available in various materials. Nylon, Olefin, polyester and even wool carpets.

We provide custom installation services including:

  • Custom designed carpets installation
  • Commercial and Residential Carpet installation
  • Re-stretching existing installations.
  • Free estimates and consultations
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Quality you deserve and reliability you can trust.

BEZRUCHUK INC offer, quality installations and competitive pricing reliable service for all of your ceramic tile, porcelain tile marble, and granite.
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Our Other Services

We are the flooring experts. Whether it is floor installation or restoration of your home or office, we can help you to make the right decision with any projects you can offer us. We are experts for every part of your room and every detail is important to bring a smile on everyone’s faces.

Why Choose Us

  • For any job to be finished with perfection, you need expertise. We are the experts in this area
  • Experience matters and we have been building that up for more than a decade
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers. Look at our portfolio
  • We crave to see you 100% satisfied
  • Guarantee of our installation and work for 1 complete year
  • We help you decide what’s best for you
  • No worries. Right from pre-installation to finishing we take care of every nook and corner
  • First, Requirements in detail. Then, sit back and judge us.

What Client’s Say

“Initially, I was a bit skeptical to have a hardwood flooring installation, but considering I have pets and 2 toddlers at home, my husband suggested to skip carpeting and go for hardwood. These people did a tremendously good job. The finishing and style is perfectly classic. The shine from my new hardwood flooring is absolutely worth their services. I am now thinking of getting my bedrooms done the same way.”
Emily Ray, - SEA-TAC
“BEZ FLOORING did a great job flooring my room. They helped me right from choosing the wood type, polish and finishing. I can now say, that it should always be experts, whatever job you depend on. The best hardwood floor installation ever”
Tim Johnson, - SEA-TAC

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