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BEZ Floring. Hardwood Installation Services.

BEZ Flooring offers you competitive pricing and expert installation for your Hardwood floors. What’s more?

Add a character and feel your floor. Get the aesthetics right with us and give your living space a classic appeal!

Hardwood floor installation will give your home a natural and classic look.

The flooring installation services we provide include:

  • Moving all furniture and cleaning up
  • Removing existing installations
  • Repairing or fresh installation
  • Trimming and adjusting groundwork
  • Cleaning up after everything is done
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Quality you deserve and reliability you can trust.

BEZRUCHUK INC offer, quality installations and competitive pricing reliable service for all of your ceramic tile, porcelain tile marble, and granite.
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There are lots of reasons why most people prefer hardwood floor installation over carpets or tiles:

Character and Variety: Every hardwood plank has a unique cut and character. A good hardwood plank has its wood veins in a naturally pleasing way. There are different finishing, colors, species, types and stains available to choose from.

Indoor Air quality improves: When you consider hardwood, you can be sure that dust, pollen, animal furs or other unwanted elements are not stuck to your flooring as would be in case of a carpet area.

The Classic Look – The expanding veins of a hardwood plank gives oneself a spacious feel. An elegant polish further enhances its top notch look. Maintaining it is all the way more easily done as the beauty is everlasting and natural.

Longevity and Strength – Hardwood has always been known for being a material used in supportive structures. Having much weight, these hardwood planks are kiln-dried, installed and manufactured to be tough and have a long term durability. They are built to undergo heavy usage, weight and handle rough foot traffic.

Cleaning and maintenance – A weekly cleaning would be enough to keep your hardwood floor glowing. Most hardwood flooring get clean with a normal dusting as dust particles, pollen or any other unwanted item get off it very easily. A dry floor would ensure better cleanliness.

We will professionally install your hardwood floor providing you with:

Custom Deigned Hardwood Flooring: Using exotic woods and layering them with borders, accents and inlays, hardwood floorings can be made unique which reflect your sense of style and personality.

Best Materials used: Hardwood installations are mostly done keeping the longevity and resale value in mind. We make sure that those targets are met.

Range of choices: You can not only choose the pattern and type of hardwood, but you also get to choose the polish that your flooring would adore. There are Victorian, sleek, simple and classic options.

Budget range – We have a lot of options to offer you. Based on them, you do get a wide variety of choices within your budget.

Our Other Services

We are the flooring experts. Whether it is floor installation or restoration of your home or office, we can help you to make the right decision with any projects you can offer us. We are experts for every part of your room and every detail is important to bring a smile on everyone’s faces.

Why Choose Us

  • For any job to be finished with perfection, you need expertise. We are the experts in this area
  • Experience matters and we have been building that up for more than a decade
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers. Look at our portfolio
  • We crave to see you 100% satisfied
  • Guarantee of our installation and work for 1 complete year
  • We help you decide what’s best for you
  • No worries. Right from pre-installation to finishing we take care of every nook and corner
  • First, Requirements in detail. Then, sit back and judge us.

What Client’s Say

“Initially, I was a bit skeptical to have a hardwood flooring installation, but considering I have pets and 2 toddlers at home, my husband suggested to skip carpeting and go for hardwood. These people did a tremendously good job. The finishing and style is perfectly classic. The shine from my new hardwood flooring is absolutely worth their services. I am now thinking of getting my bedrooms done the same way.”
Emily Ray, - SEA-TAC
“BEZ FLOORING did a great job flooring my room. They helped me right from choosing the wood type, polish and finishing. I can now say, that it should always be experts, whatever job you depend on. The best hardwood floor installation ever”
Tim Johnson, - SEA-TAC

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