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Laminate Floor Installation Services

A shiny and brand new laminate flooring can completely renovate the look of your home.

Choose the Flooring Experts: BEZ Flooring

When you want good looks and durability, you should definitely go for laminated floorings. We have been experts in installation of this type of flooring for years and we do the job pretty easy. We provide a complete hassle-free guarantee on our installation for one complete year. Anything after that? We would always be there for your maintenance and repair jobs. What we want to see is 100% satisfaction of our customers.

Why should you go for Laminate Flooring?

Laminate floors are wear-resistant. Thus the lust and shine can hold onto your floor for a long time. Being moisture resistant, it is a good replacement for wood or porcelain flooring. Laminates are also way more affordable than the other types of flooring available in the market. Since laminates can be printed with almost any design you can imagine, replicating a tiled floor look, or a hardwood floor would not be a problem at all. So, you just choose your floor and we will finish it up to perfection.

Get your Flooring from BEZ in just 3 steps:

1 Contact and get a quote from us

You could use our online form to get a quote from us. Apart from that, we would be happy to help you, if you can drop by at any one of our stores at your convenience. We are available 7 days a week and our expert installers would gauge your area and give you a quote within the next 48 hours.

2 We could visit your place and get you the estimate, right there

If you wish, just call us up, and our certified installers would visit your home and give you the quote as per the requirements. Thereafter, we would also let you know the various costs involved with various types of floorings and home décor available. We also have a few good financial plans to assist you in renovating your residence or office. We would definitely want your project to be completed on time.

3 Starting the installation

When you have decided on continuing with us, just let us know and we would fix a schedule within which we would start and finish up our job. You do not have to worry about anything. Right from removal of the existing décor to moving the furniture, installing and cleaning up, we got it all under control. In the end, we just want to see you happy and get a good reviews from you.

Our Other Services

We are the flooring experts. Whether it is floor installation or restoration of your home or office, we can help you to make the right decision with any projects you can offer us. We are experts for every part of your room and every detail is important to bring a smile on everyone’s faces.

Why Choose Us

  • For any job to be finished with perfection, you need expertise. We are the experts in this area
  • Experience matters and we have been building that up for more than a decade
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers. Look at our portfolio
  • We crave to see you 100% satisfied
  • Guarantee of our installation and work for 1 complete year
  • We help you decide what’s best for you
  • No worries. Right from pre-installation to finishing we take care of every nook and corner
  • First, Requirements in detail. Then, sit back and judge us.

What Client’s Say

“Initially, I was a bit skeptical to have a hardwood flooring installation, but considering I have pets and 2 toddlers at home, my husband suggested to skip carpeting and go for hardwood. These people did a tremendously good job. The finishing and style is perfectly classic. The shine from my new hardwood flooring is absolutely worth their services. I am now thinking of getting my bedrooms done the same way.”
Emily Ray, - SEA-TAC
“BEZ FLOORING did a great job flooring my room. They helped me right from choosing the wood type, polish and finishing. I can now say, that it should always be experts, whatever job you depend on. The best hardwood floor installation ever”
Tim Johnson, - SEA-TAC

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