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Tiles & Stone Installation Services

When you talk about low maintenance, durable yet modern flooring, tiles and stones are the best materials to go with. Not only for your flooring, tiles and stones can even adore your walls in a very classy way.

Heavy traffic areas are well handled with a tile or stone flooring.

The best part of using tiles are the huge variety and pattern of designs available. 12X12 tiles are mostly used across US, but for smaller living areas, you can opt for 4×4 tiles as well.

BEZ FLOORING provides exceptional tile installation and stone installation cervices in SEA-TAK.

Types of Tiles

Ceramic Tiles –

Ceramic tiles are produced in temperature controlled kilns including a variety of after-production designing processes. There are a variety of materials using which tiles are made. Bricks, cement, terra-cotta and glass are kiln processed with minor adjustments to bring out the desired results.

Ceramic is the most common building material for tiles. Both porcelain and non-porcelain types are available of ceramic tiles are available. While porcelain tiles are mostly used for residential flooring, non-porcelain tiles are also pretty affordable. The naturally durable and crack resistant tiles are porcelain tiles but non-porcelain tiles are used mostly in public places as they don’t require that shiny finish present on porcelain tiles. In a homely environment, you would rather prefer a classy and shiny tiles finish.

Natural Stone –

Stone flooring are naturally cut stones produced at quarries, finished to perfection for their outer décor. Granite being the most naturally scratch resistant stone, is most often used in high traffic areas like corridors, and pathways. But, when polished and finished to perfection, this stone flooring is an everlasting and wonderful décor to your drawing room flooring as well.

There are a lot of other stone types that you could choose from including sandstone, onyx and limestone. Whilst limestone has a natural shading from casual taupes to warm browns, Travertine, which is yet again a kind of the same, is a bit porous, carries the same features and needs a bit of extra maintenance.

Does tile or stone flooring suit you?

Both of them are meant to stand up to high traffic zones. The better part is that your maintenance costs would be almost zero for them.

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Quality you deserve and reliability you can trust.

BEZRUCHUK INC offer, quality installations and competitive pricing reliable service for all of your ceramic tile, porcelain tile marble, and granite.
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Our Other Services

We are Remodeling experts. Whether it is floor installation or restoration of your home or office, we can help you to make the right decision with any projects you can offer us. We are experts for every part of your room and every detail is important to bring a smile on everyone’s faces.

Why Choose Us

  • For any job to be finished with perfection, you need expertise. We are the experts in this area
  • Experience matters and we have been building that up for more than a decade
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers. Look at our portfolio
  • We crave to see you 100% satisfied
  • Guarantee of our installation and work for 1 complete year
  • We help you decide what’s best for you
  • No worries. Right from pre-installation to finishing we take care of every nook and corner
  • First, Requirements in detail. Then, sit back and judge us.

What Client’s Say

We had pipes burst in our home. After, the water mitigation team completed their work we had to choose a contractor to restore our home. All 3 bedrooms and hallway had to have the carpet / pad / base boards replaced. Both bathrooms had to have new vinyl floors, baseboards and subfloors installed. The master bathroom had to have all the wainscot replaced on 3 of the 4 walls. The guest bathroom had to have a complete new vanity replaced. 3 walls were damaged (hallway, bathroom and master bedroom) had to be patched and repaired.

We called 5 different contractors. One contractor wouldn’t even come out to give us an estimate unless we signed with him. One contractor couldn’t even make it out for over a month just to give us an estimate. Two other contractors came out within the week, but both were very slow to get the estimates back to us and to respond to us and BOTH did not listen well or complete their initial estimates correctly ( leaving out work that needed to be done). Andre@ Bezruchuk Inc. was the last contractor we called as we wanted 3 complete estimates. Andre came out within 48hrs to take the estimate. He got the estimate back to us within 48hrs. He did not miss anything. He was very personable and he made us feel confident that he knew what he was doing. He also worked with the insurance claims adjuster to explain his costs for repair.

After signing the contract, he gave us a schedule of project time frame, work done daily and a completion date. Andre handled it all, moving furniture, flooring, patching, painting, etc… He even went with us to help us pick out the carpet and flooring. We were total new to this whole thing and he basically walked us hand in hand thru the whole thing. As the work progressed we realized we wanted to add a few things while he was working in our home (new carpet in living room to match the rest being replaced, new baseboards for the rest of the home to match the new ones we replaced, demolition of a large wall mirror in the guest bathroom and hung a new mirror, painting of one the bedrooms, hung a new closet door in the master bathroom and framed an extra-large mirror in the master bathroom) Andre was very accommodating and gave me a separate and reasonable bid and still did it all within the original time frame for the project.

Andre had great attention to customer service and satisfaction and kept us informed the entire time. The work completed was done professionally and looks great. We couldn’t be happier. We will be using him in the future for other home projects and definitely recommending his company. 5 stars.

Duane and Maria

By Duane October 3, 2018, October 3, 2018

“BEZ FLOORING did a great job flooring my room. They helped me right from choosing the wood type, polish and finishing. I can now say, that it should always be experts, whatever job you depend on. The best hardwood floor installation ever”

Tim Johnson, April 2018
Basement Remodel project

The whole experience went exceptionally well. Andriy (Bezruchuk Inc) was professional from the beginning of the project all the way to it’s completion. He explained everything and made sure to communicate with me throughout the process. There were several components to the remodel, floors, drywall, electrical and plumbing and it all turned out great. I am so happy with the look and finish of the basement, it looks completely different! I plan to contract Bezruchuk Inc for future projects. I highly recommend them.

By Cherry L. , October 24, 2018

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