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Top 5 Benefits of Remodeling The Bathroom in Your Home in Sumner, WA!

Every inch of space in your home is important.

Are you slightly taking for granted your bathroom?

The bathroom no less important, even though you might be taking it for granted by ignoring it and focusing on other areas of the house. You might even be taking for granted the psychological and well-being implications of your bathroom.

What if your bathroom was gone tomorrow?

If tomorrow the bathroom disappeared from your home, in how many ways would that affect you – besides from the obvious one? It wouldn’t just take away it’s basic functionalities, but a lot of other uses.  Take it from us, Bezruchuk Inc, we’ve remodeled our share of bathrooms  and noticed the effects that a brand new shiny bathroom has on our clients. How it lights them up when they see it with the finishing touches.

Bathroom remodel with tiled floors and walls, free standing tub and vanity cabinets.

Your bathroom has a lot more purpose and value in your home than you might have thought of, or fully realized before. We’ll show them to you by highlighting them in our top 5 benefits of remodeling your bathroom. It might make you start your remodel in Sumner, WA sooner than you think.

Here are our top 5 benefits for remodeling your bathroom in Sumner, WA:

  1. Improve and/or fix any plumbing issues. Many times the plumbing in our bathroom gets rusty and starts not working properly. We use it so much, that it tends to break down bit by bit. The faucet might drip or slightly move. The toilet could start to have a temperament by either have some water running – which isn’t good for your bills either – or a bad flush button or pull. Possibly you’ve changed your showed head but the water pressure is still bad. All of these issues can be improved with a bathroom remodel. Your bills worries and plumbing problems will go away with it.
  2. Improve its aspect. This is a big one, and even though it’s just number 4 – it affects all the top benefits of a remodel in Sumner, WA! If you are thinking about a bathroom remodel, it’s quite probable that you’re not that satisfied with the aspect of it. Maybe it’s not that bad, but it’s not really a sight for sore eyes. The tiles might be old-school, the tiled flooring is cracked in places, the tub as much as you scrub it still looks slightly dirty – so a new shiny one would be good.In other cases, even though you are quite satisfied with how your bathroom looks, you have the budget and want to take it to the next level of aesthetics. Really make it a gorgeous stunning bathroom.Plus, when you have Sumner house guests you won’t have to them about all the problems your bathroom has before they want to use it. Neither, worring that they’ll judge you for that bathtub you keep scrubbing, but that still looks dirty.
  3. Improve an important private space in your home. Here is something you might not have fully realized about the importance of your bathroom space. It’s not only a space for the toilet, or the space to take a shower, brush your teeth and wash your face and hands. It’s also the place where have the most privacy in your home.A space in your Sumner home, where people have to knock before entering, or a space that has a lock on the door. You get to be your true authentic self there. At times, we go to the bathroom to take a rest from the world. To simply sit down on the edge of the tub and breath, or take a look in the mirror and motivate ourselves to keep going. It’s also a place to let loose and sing in the shower or dance a bit while brushing your teethYou can’t really enjoy your private moments in the bathroom if you see the faucet leaking, or if you’ re looking at the cracked old-school tiles on the floor. With first improving or fixing any plumbing issues, then making your bathroom look as gorgeous as possible according to your preference – you’ll get a place where you really feel comfortable being yourself. Which is an important benefit to a bathroom remodel in Sumner, WA!
Young couple putting on face cream at home in the bathroom

4. Improve existing psychological or physiological issues.

In case you didn’t see this one coming, it’s an important benefit and worth enough to make it as top 2 in our top 5 benefits to remodel your bathroom. This might be a bit of a taboo topic, but it needs to be stated. Constipation issues, irritable bowl syndrome, a nervous bladder or other bladder problems can be rooted to biology, childhood and adult development, but also to an uncomfortable bathroom to be in.

Anxiety or obsessive-compulsive behaviors can be rooted in this as well. If we have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, the bathroom really makes us stress. That should make us wonder, right?

A really beautiful, and well-working bathroom can really help us to relax our mind and our body.

5. Start and end your day better.

You wake up and the bathroom is probably the first place you spend some time in. This is where the first-morning private encounter with your reflection in the mirror takes place. Where you get yourself ready for the day.

It’s also the place where you end the day. After a long one, you take a look at yourself in the mirror and see the effects of the day on you. Here you also get ready for bed. Clean up, shower or take a long hot bath. Doesn’t all of that sound better with a freshly remodeled bathroom?

There you have it! Our top 5 benefits to remodeling your bathroom in Sumner, WA! Has this set yourself up more for a bathroom remodel?

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